The 12 Tenors – Best Of Tour 2018/19 – English Version

A rainy Thursday in March, spring has not yet arrived. Usually such a poor weather is a reason to stay at home and chill on the couch in front of the TV. But in the Brandenburg capital Potsdam a crowd of nearly 500 people cannot wait to enter the Nikolaisaal. The large foyer is quickly filled with life, and the upcoming concert of the “12 Tenors” is happily anticipated by the audience.

Twelve international top singers from seven countries and from three different continents, together with their high-class three-member band: That combination promises a brilliant concert on their Best Of Tour, which is not only a feast for the ears but also for the eyes. The setlist of the tour contains 22 songs, the opening is expected to be classical. With “Funiculi Funicula”, a well-known Neapolitan folk song about a cable car at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, the proverbial emotional roller coaster ride starts. The protagonists seem to notch up their performance with every song. The audience is carried away by the rising mood on the 15 meter wide stage, and claps, cheers and whistles already enthusiastically at “Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus” from the Comedian Harmonists.

Alexander Herzog guides the audience through the program with an insanely comedic talent. He announces the songs by adding anecdotes that make the audience laugh. With a fine self-irony he tells that he rather would have applied as a dancer but the tutu disappeared. Later his co-workers take him for a ride when they announce a calendar with twelve (nude) pictures of him, which could be purchased at the merchandising stand. The fun all of them have on stage is clearly visible, and it never seems to be wrong when one of them performs his solo while the other ones accompany him in the background.

Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” is very adored by the audience, before a Rock’n’Roll Medley heats up the atmosphere. Accompanied by a spectacular light show the twelve Gentlemen prove their impressive dancing skills. Songs from The Beatles, Leonard Cohen’s world hit “Hallelujah” or a Queen Medley provide a great atmosphere in the hall, and it continues even after the well-deserved break after the first act.

The second part of the show again starts very classically, “You will hear two operas and a song in just 7 minutes”, the “12 Tenors” promise, and they tell their audience that they were not able to agree about who of the Gentlemen were allowed to wear the red “Carmen” dress on stage. In the end they ask the audience to vote with their applause. After that short but funny interlude the show goes on with well-known melodies, mixed with dance and lightshow. When it finally comes to the Musical part of the show the “12 Tenors” prove that they feel at home in every genre. With their very own version of “Don’t cry for me Argentina” they win the hearts of their audience once more before the emotions boil up again with hits by Elton John and Phil Collins.

With Heinz Rudolf Kunze’s “Dein ist mein ganzes Herz”, the audience once again witnesses that the language in which a song is sung doesn’t matter. Whether in Italian, English or German, the music connects the people on and in front of the stage and exudes nothing but joy.

Since not everyone can be filled with joy and music can’t heal everything the protagonists have been supporting the German Children’s Hospice and Family Foundation for several years. Last year they collected 40,000 € for that cause and have set themselves the goal of continuing this and, if possible, being able to surpass it. A now following and heartwarming version of “Angels”, normally known from Robbie Williams, leaves the audience speechless for a moment, followed by a frenetic applause.

Unforgettable moments of the show are “Man in the Mirror” by the pop icon Michael Jackson, and the song “Music”, which is a kind of a special recognition sign of the “12 Tenors” concerts. The show ends with a rock medley, which once again creates a real party atmosphere. Standing ovations rewards the twelve gentlemen for their extraordinary performance and the not yet tired audience doesn’t let them go off stage without any encores. Of course the twelve singers fulfill the request with the very suitable “Time to say goodbye”.

The band accompanies the singers throughout the evening and supports them in exactly the right places. The arrangements are all artistic and on point. The voices of the “12 Tenors” are their assets. The audience loves their vocal power and the great dancing skills as well, thanks to choreographer Michael Lynch.

It is impossible to emphasize only one voice or just one of the tenors. Each of them is a valuable piece of the puzzle to get this show off the ground. Until 01 May 2019, the “12 Tenors” will continue their tour through Germany and its neighbouring countries until it ends in Palma de Mallorca.

An anniversary tour “The 12 Tenors – 12 Years” has already been announced for next year.

Showfabrik GmbH
The 12 Tenors
Nikolaisaal Potsdam
Alexander Herzog – Der Entertainment Tenor
Daniele Alan-Carter
Michael Lynch Sänger/Musicaldarsteller
Julian Dionne
Andy Conaghan
Jordan Laurent Ramroop
Stephen Coetzee – Drummer & Tutor
Deutsche Kinderhospiz- und Familienstiftung
Midas Entertainment Ltd

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