Daniele Alan-Carter – The 12 Tenors – Kurzinterview

Name:    Daniele Alan-Carter 



Nickname:  None 😊

Where I come from:  Italy

Started my career at the age of:  13

Shows I was in:  Romeo & Juliet – Peter Pan – Tanz der Vampire – Altarboyz — Oh what a Night — The 12 Tenors

The most important thing for me:  friends and family

My hidden talent(s):  good holiday planner

My idols:  Whitney Houston – Alan Rickman

My favourite song(s):  I will always love you – It’s all coming back to me now

My favourite song(s) in the show:  Angels

My preparation just before the show:  warm up – make up – breathing work

My favourite musical(s):  Miss Saigon

My favourite film(s):  Titanic

My best idea(s):  die my hair white

Three things I can’t live without:  laughing – music – family

What would I do with £ 1 million:  buy a house – get my parents a comfortable life

My biography will be called:  „He loved a little bit of drama…“


This or that:

Sunrise – Sunset
Coffee – Tea
Saturday – Sunday
Summer – Winter
Spring – Autumn
Tour – Tipi
Tourbus – Flixbus
Sneaker – Oxfords
Jeans – Sweatpants
Shirt – Jumper
Sun – Moon
Breakfast – Dinner
Cinema – Netflix
Stage – Screen
Book – Music
Colours – Sounds
Facts – Fantasy
Sing – Dance


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