Q&A: West End Tenor Michael Storrs

Nickname:  Storrsy / Storrsy-lad

Shows I was in: Les Miserables, The Glenn Miller Show, EUROVISION!

The most important thing for me: my family, my 6 month old baby boy

My hidden talent(s):  Furniture making

My idols: Bryn Terfel, Frank Sinatra

My favourite song(s): Imagine

My favourite Musicals: Les Miserables, South Pacific, A Little Night Music

My favourite film(s): Gladiator, Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves 😉

My best idea: Voxx The West End Tenors

Three things I can’t live without? Coffee, Pizza, My amazing new bed (tour will be a challenge)

My favourite quote: Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground. – Theodore Roosevelt


This or that?

Sunrise          Sunset

Coffee          Tea

Saturday      Sunday

Summer       Winter

Spring          Autumn

Sneaker        Oxfords

Sweet           Hearty

Sun              Moon

Breakfast      Dinner

Cinema         Netflix

Stage           Screen

Book             Music

Colours         Sounds

Facts           Fantasy

Sing             Dance


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